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Staff's Diary
2018.07.06 14:05

The Unforgettable Chiba Event 2018

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Hi all! 

Borderless staff Vivien here :) 

Did you know that we went to our cottage in Chiba 2 weeks ago for our June event? 

We usually go in August, but since we have the Itabashi Fireworks Festival to go to that month, we decided to go to Chiba a little bit earlier; and I'm glad we did! If we went in August, it would've been boiling.. although it rained this time, the rain stopped just in time for our own little fireworks show. Even with the rain, cooking and eating with everybody indoors created a really close-knit atmosphere, so I'm satisfied. 

Well, let me tell you more about our trip! 

Staff arrived a day earlier to prep the house. You're welcome. Housecleaning was not easy, but it was worth it because we cleared the entrance of weeds so that people could actually get into the house. 

Sharemates arrived a day later in the afternoon, some by car some by train. As everybody was excited about what's to come, we got started on food prep almost right away. Shinobu san had everything planned out; from gyozas to spaghetti, meatballs to veggie dishes for our vegetarian friends, we started cooking immediately with everybody's help! (Special thanks to Robin for making Indian food!! Delicious, but the green pepper sauce was deadly. RIP taste buds)

mjeatballs.jpg gyoza.jpg doppoki.jpg 36405118_1771215522924129_5043308125478715392_o.jpg

In my opinion, the highlight of the trip started with everybody making gyozas together, and overall, everybody preparing dinner together. The time we took to prepare all the different dishes really was worth it in the end because they were all delicious. But to top it off, we started our night with my favourite thing, a grand toast! Thanking everybody for coming and helping out with the food prep by drinking large amounts of alcohol to wash down the food! 


group kanpai.jpg 

As the food disappeared in a flash, that also ended our food-coma inducing dinner. 

After dinner, you would think people would want to relax because it gets hard to walk with 5 pounds of gyoza in you. However, as soon as we pulled out the fireworks, we all became kids again; spraying bug spray and getting ready to go to the beach to play with fire. The whole Borderless Tokyo family theme was really apparent as we were getting ready to go out because Shinobu san started telling us to put our jackets on despite the summer heat.  

The beach from the cottage was around a 15 to 20 min walk away. With rice fields all around us and the noise of a highway in the background, we were really doubting that we were anywhere close to a beach. However, up that last flight of stairs, was a horizon.

The noise we thought was coming from a highway, was actually the noise of huge waves on a serene and untainted beach! 

As we approached the skyline, slowly at first, something changed in all of us because before we knew it, we had 12 grown adults running towards the beach like dogs chasing after a ball. We were mindless, hopeful, and running in a frenzy. It might sound crazy, but arriving at an empty beach at 11 PM at night with fireworks can do this to you. The secluded beach gave us all the privacy in the world, and soon we were waving fireworks around and shooting some into the sky. 

fireworks.jpg fireworks2.jpg fireworks big.jpg

In all honesty, one of the most genuine enjoyable moments of my life was had at this secluded beach in Chiba on July 23rd at midnight. 

After the fireworks, we headed back to the house and... cosplayed.

When in Japan right? The cosplay made for a lot of interesting pictures and some people got to try out traditional Japanese garments, while others settled for mushroom and cat outfits. 

cosplay single.jpg cosplay maid.jpg cosplay mushroom.jpg cosplay.jpg 

cosplay big.jpg 

Then the night went on... 

Until morning arrived and still, nobody wanted to go home. We played monopoly, watched a movie, went out to get ice cream, went to the beach again, ate more meatballs.. We stayed at this cottage until 4 PM, until reality hit and we piled into our cars and headed back to Tokyo. 

To be honest, this trip tired me out. From our fireworks outing to the beach, and staying up until the AM just playing cards.. However, it was a weekend that Tokyo couldn't offer. The scenery, people, food, drinks, atmosphere, all came out on top that weekend, and I had so much fun. 

When you're with people you enjoy being around, you find yourself wishing that time just stops for something as simple as a card game. I definitely felt myself wishing that the sun stayed down for a few more hours so I could get a few more games of bullsh*t (name of card game guys, don't freak out) in... 

monopoly.jpg last.jpg


Until our next event guys! 

May it be to the river, a museum, more cosplay, I hope you get to experience the thrill of being a child again. 



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    Jul 2018
    7 時間前

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    The Unforgettable Chiba Event 2018

    Hi all! Borderless staff Vivien here :) Did you know that we went to our cottage in Chiba 2 weeks ago for our June event? We usually go in August, but since we have the Itabashi Fireworks Festival ...
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    田原町ハウスのロビンさんのヨガセッションについて!・Robin's Yoga Instructions!

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