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 ;TLDR    Akabane House was a blast. 


I came to Tokyo October of 2015.

Having just graduated from university in Canada, everything was foreign to me when I arrived in Tokyo. Initially, I lived alone。。。

Then I got lonely and began house hunting for accommodations with roommates v( ̄Д ̄)v


My house hunt started with,


1. A room with no windows, a room the size of my lying down (5ft 5.5).


2. The second one was an all girls house where a fight broke out while I was viewing the room.


3. Then I found Borderless Tokyo’s Akabane House online and went to see the house and room.


On the way to the house, right outside the station, it was like a mini Ikebukuro.

A million karaoke venues, a lot of izakayas, and multiple drug stores.


Closer to the house, there was a traditional shopping street with 2 large grocery stores (Daiei and Seiyu), a few large Japanese banks, a variety of fast food joints, including Matsuya and Gasto, a few ramen joints, an 8 floor Daiso and an old Japanese record store.


   If you’re ever in Akabane, 

Check out this small lunch joint called, とんちゃん”. 

Homemade traditional Japanese meals, made by Obaachan. 

Always piping hot and crazy delicious. 

IMG_1067.JPG IMG_1066.JPG  

By the station just 10 minutes away from the house, there are also a lot of dental offices, the Akabane general hospital, and a home dep*t-like superstore that sells home furnishing.  


It was truly a wonder to live at Akabane house and have the luxury to find everything you need within walking distance … あし.png 

あし.png あし.png ハウス.png 

Now, on first impression, I thought the house was messy and a little old.

However, it was very big and had a separate laundry room including a new dryer which I liked a lot. The kitchen was wide and all the kitchen supplies were new and free for tenants to use. The manager said that they updated the old supplies once per year (and they did).

The living room had normal cable TV, bookshelves with manga, games, and necessary tools for quick fix-ups, which I appreciated a lot when I needed a screwdriver for those handy times.

  a23ff41959fd0f4f483139fe03adac40 (1).jpg  200.jpg  IMG_29111.jpg

At the end of my room viewing, the most important factors that helped me make my decision were the Swedish girls down the hallway, gazing at me while I looked around.  

Then these nosy girls introduced themselves and I realized from that point, that they were the antidote to my loneliness.  


I realize now that I might’ve gotten lucky with clicking with these girls from the get-go, but the manager assured me that whenever they show a room, they also conduct a small internal interview to see if the applicant is suitable for living at Borderless Tokyo. So, as I met more people from the house, I started to warm up to the others as well. 

....jpg ....jpg

From then on, the rest was delightful history.


When I first moved in, I was instantly bombarded by invites from not only my housemates for karaoke or just to chill and chat in the living room, I was also often checked in on by the manager of Borderless Tokyo asking how I was and inviting me to the monthly events. 

As a person who just moved to a foreign country by herself, 

having a manager who mom’ed you without the pestering felt

pretty good.


There were times I needed my privacy to watch weird shows and documentaries, and that’s when I escape to my room. All my roommates were very understanding people, so I never had any problems finding the balance of setting aside time for myself and hanging out with everybody.


As for the cleaning, it was explained that the cleanliness of the house was the tenants’ responsibility, so as adults and reasonable people, we held monthly meetings and decided tasks for cleaning, and we also had a huge spring cleaning scheduled twice a year. 

As for my Akabanehouse.pnglifestyle~

The living room is where all the magic happens. 

living 1.jpg


By just chilling in the living room, we subconsciously created an open communication system where we can talk about things we wanted to improve at the house, or for example, if somebody forgot to clean, we could always blame the right person TT

All jokes aside, I don’t think I could have lived for so long at Akabane house if it weren’t for the living room where I always felt comfortable enough to fall asleep in. 

あし.pngあし.png world.png

Other than the house, I was also thankful for the monthly company-hosted Borderless Tokyo events that often took us out of Tokyo for hiking or BBQ’s. 

Since I was too lazy to plan those excursions myself, I always looked forward to them.


My favourite event was the annual one night getaway Hot Spring/ Ryokan trip! Since we went with more than 20 people, we got a fat discount and was able fine dine with snow crabs and stay at a traditional hot springs resort for less than 10,000 yen.


18739279_1390017664377252_1068380369080701000_o.jpg 300.jpg

Other than the events, my roommates and I often traveled together.

We even made it up north to Sendai and went camping in Chichibu.

To list some of the things we did,


house parties   

living room gaming         

random karaoke nights

movie nights   

anime rerun nights        


And of course,


midnight runs to Family Mart. 

All in all, the friendliness of my roommates, the monthly events, and the poor manager who is actually close in age with me that I called mom when she’s not around,

made Tokyo a magical place for me. 

IMG_1257.JPG  17240548_1316612255051127_2019948216454232224_o.jpg

IMG_1193.JPG  IMG_0668.JPG

Although I was away from home, and initially didn’t adjust to the lonely lifestyle of a small girl in a big city, with the support that I got from the manager and the boss at Borderless Tokyo and my roommates, whom I call friends even though they live in super far Sweden with reindeers and drive to the North Pole for fun,

I found home with Borderless Tokyo.


I wouldn’t trade my time at Borderless Tokyo with anything in the world, because even though I moved out, I’m still intruding on those nicely planned monthly events. Lol



 ;TLDR    I had a lot of fun at Akabane House. 

Yours Truly,


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    ;TLDR Akabane House was a blast. I came to Tokyo October of 2015. Having just graduated from university in Canada, everything was foreign to me when I arrived in Tokyo. Initially, I lived alone。。。 ...
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