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Staff's Diary
2019.11.12 09:10

Rooms available !! in Tokyo!!

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Ikebukuro House available now!!
62000+8500=70500〜per month
★1year contact 2000yen off every month!!★

cosplay big.jpg

Hi everyone!

If you need a place and are considering some of our share houses, please read the blog below for some shameless commercial content about our wonderful share houses and community. I'll include the good and the bad. Don't worry, I got you.

Since 18 years ago when Borderless Tokyo was initiated, we’ve always looked for people who are up to make new friends and go on new adventures.

Ever since 2001, there are many things that we especially pride ourselves with:

◆Affordable initial expenses and straightforward procedures (None of that key money nor guarantor business)

◆Our monthly events- One every single month without fail

◆Super fast response rate from a breathtakingly beautiful + multilingual staff team

◆Straightforward and honest staff who tells it like it is

◆Safe and friendly roommates- We do a pre-screening before carrying on with moving-in procedures

◆Comfortable living rooms with kotatsus and Japanese cable TV for those ridiculous game shows

◆Did I mention our beautiful staff team?


We are always welcoming new people to our community because our vision is to create an international community in Tokyo for people to feel at-home, open and safe.

Many people from different walks of life and ages come to Tokyo with a variety of goals and dreams.

Everybody has unique life plans and Tokyo may just be a small stop for some.

However, even as a stepping stone, Tokyo can be overwhelming.

No matter the different thresholds that people possess for big city craziness, we all need our own space and a place to rest.

Our vision is to provide the needed space and atmosphere for people to escape the big lights and long nights of Tokyo.

We will have achieved our goal if everybody at our share house has enjoyed themselves and made new memories and friends before they move out.

Some things to note of our share houses,

◆Our share houses are mostly old.

- The outside of the house looks old. Straight up.

- All rooms are renovated and maintained, but it’s not by any means brand new.

- Shared areas are kept clean and facilities are updated, however, this brings us to our next point.

◆We do not have a cleaning service.

- We trust tenants to be adults and clean up after themselves; work out a schedule with their roommates and decide if they want to live in filth or a clean environment.

- Staff will clean the place when they’re there (There's no consistent schedule, but we try our best when we are there for other appointments) because we know that y’all are too busy sometimes. We sincerely rely on the trust that our tenants don’t take advantage of our kindness to clean up after them once in a while.

◆If you really value your alone time and do not like interacting with others, please respectfully move on.

-We are a share house company that values the comfortable atmosphere at each of our houses. If effective and respectful communication isn’t taken at each house to resolve problems, we are going to have problems. If you find yourself to be a “my way or the highway” person, please move on.

-There are bound to be gatherings in the living room sometimes. If you are sensitive to noise, please let us know and we will find a suitable and quiet house for you. Every share house has a different atmosphere, and only the staff knows best where to locate you to best suit your lifestyle and needs, so please talk to us!


In the end, we believe in mutual trust and respect between staff and client to ensure smooth transactions and an open community.

It isn’t easy to cater to everybody’s unique lifestyles and needs, but we try our best to accommodate all of our tenants’ requests to the best that we can. As long as there’s respect, logic and reason, we trust that we can solve problems together with tenants like civilized members of the society (aka please be considerate and decent human beings)

So, if you are considering us, please give us a try and contact us.

After a house viewing, if you feel like you don’t fit in, please feel free to move on.

We don’t push people to stay as we know everybody is a part of a different puzzle.

We only encourage you to try us out and see if you fit with our puzzle.

Thanks all! Feel free contact us!!^^


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    Ikebukuro House Available!!

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    今回は、毎月やっている、国際交流パーティーについてご紹介したいと思います!! 東京には、沢山のシェアハウスがありますが、うちのシェアハウスの特徴は、アットホームなパーティーですーーー!! 東京に友達がいない人や、シェアハウスが初めての人も、 ...
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  6. 12
    Nov 2019

    Rooms available !! in Tokyo!!

    Ikebukuro House available now!! 62000+8500=70500〜per month ★1year contact 2000yen off every month!!★ Hi everyone! If you need a place and are considering some of our share houses, please read the blog ...
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  7. 09
    Nov 2019


    現在、即入居可能の物件です!! 家賃45000円!! 東西線 南砂町駅徒歩15分 無料自転車レンタル付き 1年契約をすると、毎月家賃2000円引きです!^^ 興味のある人は、気軽に連絡相談してくださいね! kondo@borderless-tokyo.com Line ...
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    Nov 2019


    最新空室情報!! いいお部屋は、早い者勝ちです!!^^ Line ID borderlesstokyo.com kondo@borderless-tokyo.com お電話もお気軽に!!090−6033−4703(近藤しのぶ) 先週のハロウィンパーティーの様子! https://www.instagram.com/p...
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    Shinnakano, the tame cousin of Shinjuku

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