Hello all! 
Staff member, Vivien here. 

Since we currently have 2 rooms available at Musashiseki House, I'd like to take this chance to introduce the house, it's roommates, and the neighbourhood around the Msuashiseki area for those who are interested! I promise, I'll be quick. Here goes. 

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Musashiseki House is located in one of a biggest areas in Tokyo, Nerima-ku. When I go to Musashiseki house for all the random work that I might be up to that day, the walk from the station to Musashiseki station is around 15 minutes, and there is plenty of space and green around the area as contrary to belief about the Tokyo landscape~ There are multiple parks around the area for one to escape the bustling of everyday Tokyo life. If you have a bike, that's even better because you can bike to Kichijoji from Musashiseki house in just under 1o minutes, and there is free parking for bikes at the house~ 

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Once you arrive at Musashiseki house, you'll realize that the house is quite large compared to many other share houses in Tokyo. With that said, Musashiseki House has 7 private rooms (7 roommates), a shared the kitchen, living room and shower room, and 2 shared toilet rooms. There is also a shared laundry machine and dryer for all roommates to use freely.  All the rooms are private rooms for one person each, and roommates hang out in the living room or they often host parties in the living room! 

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Borderless Tokyo monthly parties are sometimes also held here, for the sake of space of course!
Eg., Our annual Christmas parties and International potluck parties.


There are currently two rooms available. One is good for moving in immediately, and the other one is free from February 3rd. They both have great . One room has it's own sink and laundry machine, and it's actually a sweet steal if you consider the room size to cost ratio in Tokyo. The other room has its own private veranda with wide windows.
This is the private veranda room! Room 101 

Abundant storage space, private fridge, AND a private veranda!  

101 re1.jpg101 re2.jpg101 re3.jpg101 re4.jpg101 re5.jpg

The rent for this room is 57,000 yen and the utilities are 8,000 yen (Flexible), Monthly payemt= 65,000 yen 
The room size is 4.5 tatami mats/ 7.4 square meters. 
If you stay for 6 months or more, you'll receive a 2,000 yen monthly discount~ 

This is the room with the private laundry room, Room 206

Looking pretty spacious, eh? 
Double windows, large storage space, and your own private sink + laundry room, this room has all the necessities! 

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The rent for this room is 60,000 yen and the utilities are 8,000 yen (Flexible), Monthly payemt= 68,000 yen 
The room size is 6 tatami mats/ 9.9 square meters. 
If you stay for 6 months or more, you'll receive a 2,000 yen monthly discount~ 

Lastly, I have just one more thing to say. I got to know of Borderless Tokyo when I moved into one of our share houses before I became a staff member. As a foreigner who came to Tokyo alone to pursue a job or for school (Like many of you~), I was really lonely as all my friends were back in Vancouver, and I had one friend who lived in Sendai at the time; that's 3 hours away by bullettrain. Needless to say, I lived a mundane life and wanted to drastically improve it before it stresses me out even more. Google helped me find Borderless Tokyo, and I've never made such a big life decision so fast in my life before; withdraw money, pay deposit, and within 2 weeks, I was fully moved into Borderless Tokyo, Akabane house. 

On that very day, the manager at the time invited me to a party hosted by Borderless Tokyo, and it was bumping. Great food (simple and delicious nabe), and just very friendly people all around. Not only that, but the next few days I spent at home, I got ot meet all my roommates and basically regained all human interaction that I've been craving for for a long time. We took many overnight trips as a house to Kamakura and to places as far as Sendai!!


Long story short, if you have the intiative to steer your life into the direction most beneficial for you, whether it's making new friends or studying multiple languages through real time engagement, Borderless Tokyo will help you by providing open spaces of communication and creating events filled with opportunity, for you to improve yourself. 

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TLDR; Or, skim through what I said and call me in the end because that was way too much to read. I can explain over the phone in less than 2 minutes, 

Vivien Shao 
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