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It's a little late, but Merry Christmas and Happy 2019 guys!

I don't blog too often, but a lot of things happened at the Christmas party and I wanted to let you guys know what a magical time it was~

First of all, we've always held our events at our sharehouses, but this year, due to the large number of attendees, we decided to move the party to my boss, Seiji-san's, grandma's place. haha Yeah, we're a really family-oriented company. 

The house was perfect as the area for eating was a tatami room where people could sit down and lay down if they've had too much to drink (true story), and the kitchen was big enough for people to cook and prep. 

3.jpg 1.jpg

This year, we had the lovely Tobia volunteer his time and his sister, Giulia, to make mushroom risotto for all of us! 


Shinobu-san bought all the ingredients and the duo came early to prep and cook some authentic risotto for everybody. 

Let me tell you, we ran out of that exquisite risotto in less than 20 minutes; it was to fight for and fought over. 

Tobia's sister sadly had to go home to Italy, so we can't use her. But from now on, Tobia from Tawaramachi house will be the in-house chef for all our home parties, and he's hiring sous-chefs. (Just kidding, please don't bother Tobia)

Thank you for much for your time and DELICIOUS RISOTTO Tobia and Giulia!!!

Aside from the magnificent risotto, our very own Shinobu-san , as always, made a variety of dishes that everybody devoured for the remainder of the party. The menu included yakisoba, meatballs, chicken steak, salad and pastrami, spaghetti and pasta, and some vegetarian dishes for our only special and vegetarian friend, Robin. 

6.jpg 5.jpg 

As with every year, this year we also had our GIFT EXCHANGE, magical chairs style. Everyone prepared a gift that’s under 500 yen and we passed it around until the music stopped. I’d like to point out that this year was much better than last year because we had more creative and thoughtful gifts. Someone got a shiba dog pillow, and another person got a rose., Needless to say, we had a variety of interesting gifts this year. 


11.jpg 7.jpg 10.jpg 8.jpg

I wonder what we’ll get next year~~~ 


More to come from our January event to the Atami Onsen Resort!! See you all next time!



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