10min to Ikebukuro Station on foot!!

by Borderless-Tokyo
MAIN 10min to Ikebukuro Station on foot!! 7people live this house.they are nice people!
LINK https://borderless-tokyo.com/ikebukuro2


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10 min to Ikebukuro Station on foot.

Ikebukuro House 2  Room 202  Available now.

62000yen→55000yen Now on sale!!

Room video


House video




We have 3 houses in Ikebukuro!(Sorry closed now.)

Ikebukuro 1 CO-ED House

10 min walk


Ikebukuro 2 CO-ED House

12 min walk


Ikebukuro 3 ALL GIRLS House

5 min walk


…To Ikebukuro Station


Ikebukuro House 1 and 2 are our veteran houses, and they are just a 2 minute walk away from one another. This means that share mates from the two houses always have the chance to get together and hang out! 





Ikebukuro House 3 was newly built in the summer of 2018, and it is our newest share house! 

We decided to make it a GIRLS ONLY share house so that we have more variety in our share houses~ 




We seldom have available rooms at our Ikebukuro locations because the area is so popular.

The reason why people gravitate towards the Ikebukuro area is because...


1.     1. Ikebukuro station has many lines, including multiple JR Lines and Tokyo Metro Lines.


Has a far reach from Saitama, passes through Tokyo, and into Kanagawa, making traveling easy as many places are accessible without transfers.




Has the Narita Express, which connects you to the International Airport Terminal Station with reserved seating



2.     2. Ikebukuro offers both entertainment and comfort 


The metropolis surrounds itself around Ikebukuro station, and as you walk away from the station, you find peace as the festivity fades away.

For example,

Unlike Shinjuku, where the city stretches in all directions in the form of skyscrapers and entertainment districts, making it hard to travel to residential areas on foot, Ikebukuro allows people to grab a bite at one of the many ramen joints at the East Exit, head for round two at a close-by izakaya, and escape all that insanity by walking home all within a 12 minute proximity.



3.     3. Sunshine City

A mall that has an aquarium, a planetarium, and an observatory. 

The Observatory also has a VR playground where you can experience risking your life without having to sign a waiver.

Has a large food courttttttt

May remind you of home because all malls look the same (If you’re from North America since I can only vouch for my hometown~ Let me know if your malls back at home look like this! We don’t have VR though lol)




What makes Ikebukuro stand out the most in my opinion is, 


4.     4. The Anime Meetup Spot


Ikebukuro is the hunting ground for traders who exchange anime goods. 

There is a cat park by Sunshine City where animation events take place.

Cosplay by the cat park

Cosplay of cats 

So many cats at the cat park that I instinctively gave it its name, the cat park



There are many things offered at Ikebukuro, and if you lived there, 

everything would be within walking distance! 

Sounds swell?


1.     Ikebukuro House 3 ALL GIRLS



2.     Ikebukuro House 1


 ike 1.jpg

3.     Ikebukuro House 2

Ike 2.jpg

All rooms are fully-furnished and room viewings are FREE!

Please contact us for more info. 

Email: kondo@borderless-tokyo.comViewer

LINE: borderlesstokyo


Give us a try~ 


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