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2018/7/21 Akikawa valley Jul 23, 2018 16:33
2018/6/23~24 Chiba Trip Jun 30, 2018 19:00
2018/5/19 BBQ AKATUKA PARK May 21, 2018 12:41
2018/04/21 Yoyogi Park Picnic May 14, 2018 12:21
2018/03/31 Hanami Event May 01, 2018 16:56


Borderless-tokyo's shared apartment styled accommodations are only for people in their 20's!!
 All the apartments, share-houses and guesthouses in Tokyo don't have an age restriction.
 In lots of cases, there are guesthouses where teenagers and people who are in their 60's live perfectly together in the same shared environment.
 Borderless-tokyo believes that an environment where people live and laugh their heads off together is the most important aspect in a sharehouse life.
 That is why we are making an age restriction where only 20's can live in Borderless-tokyo's shared apartments.
 The 20's is the time when young people for the first time start to establishing their own careers.
 We believe that it would simply be exciting to live in a shared house where people in their same age are always there, and together they can talk about their future and their dreams.

Residents can become like family in Borderless-tokyo shared apartment styled accommodations!
 We offer an environment with our accommodation idea where the room mates can easily interact with one another.
 Other guesthouses are mainly using a large building where it was once a company dormitory.
 If you live in a guesthouses like this, it's impossible to get to know every single person living there since the building and the amount of people accommodating there is too big.
 It's also harder to connect with people and make friends in these kinds of accommodations.
 One day, somebody moves in, one day, somebody moves out.
 Can you really say that is an enjoyable way of a shared guesthouse life?
 Borderless-tokyo believes that the most fulfilling way of living in a sharehouse is where all the residents becomes close friends and unite like a family.
 That is why Borderless-tokyo uses normal family type houses and in each sharehouse, and only 4 to 8 people can stay in each house.
 If you want to live in a place where there's a lot of smiles, this is it!

 Come to join us and experience the share-house life!

Japan guest house association

Borderless-Tokyo Guest House is a member of the Japan Guest House Organization.