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Shared house life
2019.01.30 17:01

Shinnakano, the tame cousin of Shinjuku

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#Tokyo share House

Living in Nakano ward is like being a first cousin to Shinjuku.

You meet Shinjuku to have some fun, 

but only sometimes because she likes red light districts and is crazy at night.

You keep Shinjuku in arm’s reach for entertainment, but remain Nakano to keep yourself grounded.


Welcome to our Shinnakano House!


About the House...                                      


Despite its location in Nakano ward, Shinnakano House is one of our biggest share houses in Tokyo!

It has a massive living room and a very spacious kitchen!


 shinnakano living.jpg

shinnakano kitchen.jpg


The entrance is also very big, with a lot of shoe storage ;) We got chu ladies and gents who love their shoes.


There is a stained glass window by the stairs. Just thought I put that in there for those who care about house aesthetics lol


We also installed a full functioning .. OVEN under the gas stove.

For those of you who are new to Japan. Large convection ovens are non-existent in Tokyo or they’re literally only as thick as a 2 hardcovers of Stephen King’s “The Tower”.


So it’s a big deal.



 STAINGLASS.jpg shinnakano OVEN.jpg


There is a large space outside the front door for you to park your bikes and skateboards.

And rollerblades or hoverboards or smart scooters, etc.   



About the Location


Shinnkano House is located in Nakano ward.

The closest station to the house is Shinnakano station, which is on the Marunouchi line.




It is extremely close to Shinjuku and Shibuya:



5 min train

30 min walk




15 min train



About the Neighbouring area


There are multiple eateries surrounding the house, including a delicious Indian izakaya called, “Yaruki”. It has a nice bar that serves South-East Indian beers and tapas!


R0020284-2.jpg image13.jpg


A few local restaurants line the walk to the house from the station, including a Tonkatsu place, a ramen joint, and a traditional café/ book store!




Other than the restaurants, there are drug stores, 2 grocery stores, convenience stores for your daily needs, accessible during your walk home.


supermarket.jpg matsumoto.jpg 

About the Rooms


There are 8 rooms at the house, and aside from one room, they’re all very large.

One room is super affordable, but it’s only 5 square meters. 

If room size doesn’t bother you, this room is 50,000 yen and you’re within walking distance to Shinjuku… quite cost effective and not a bad idea haha




About the Parties


Due to the size of the house, we host our Halloween party and sometimes get-togethers at Shinnkano house!

The kitchen is so big that it’s easy for staff to cook and provide yummy dishes~

Please join us if you’re interested in the house!


For more about Shinnakano House, shoot us an email or call us!




Apply  HERE.


Email: kondo@borderless-tokyo.com

Phone: 090-1704-0839

LINE: borderlesstokyo

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