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Guesthouse Party
2013.07.31 15:28

Trip to Chiba!!

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Hello, 晴れ

as I promised I am going to upload the blog again u.u 

This time I chose to talk about our latest excursion to Chiba. As many of you know almost 35 people between current and former tenants came to have fun with us! And it was great! 

Everyone split up between rented cars, train and bus. We leaved Ikebukuro house at around 10 am, our destination: Chiba.

It took a while, but listening to music and chatting (or sleeping) we reached our destination It was too soon for the party, so we went for beverages and lunch. Seiji-san recommended us a ramen shop and we tried to look for it, whether we reached the right one or not, I am still dubious. Anyway it was good. 


Midori-chan ordered a very spicy one, it was hard to eat and when I tasted it I almost cried:


You can tell by the colour : )

While we were in the ramen shop we were considering going to the sea, but it started raining so much that we had to change our minds. So, we went back home and some helped preparing everything for the evening.


while others went to the beach to play around, and came back with a crab found on the street リゾート


Later the crabs multiplied, and someone wanted to eat them, but they were not edible ^^``

When everyone was back we started with the BBQ preparations, the men tried very hard to get the fire going, and most were very successful!

Many people gathered around the BBQ and we roasted many kilograms of meat, vegetables and seafood!


By the end of the day our bellies were very full. 

On the night games were brought, we played and someone went to a nearby onsen by car, while the others watched movies.

At around 1 am a small group walked to the sea to listen to the sea by night. 

Sleeping felt like being at the camping. There was not one single spot were someone was not sleeping. 

the nextday after breakfast many people went to the beach again, and we had curry for lunch:


The day ended with presents and of course, watermelon!

I hope everyone who took part to the event had as much fun as me : )

Hope to see everyone soon.

If you want to experience Japanese culture, have fun with people and make many friends while in Japan, you should definitely stay in our share-house!!

I also would like to remember you that we currently have 6 vacant rooms, you can check this website: https://borderless-tokyo.com/infoboardViewer


We are currently in GIRLS CAMPAIGN! The girls who apply for these 6 vacant rooms during August (and move in in the same month) will have a 10.000 yen reduction from the rent for the first month! : )  


We also have an event every month, have fun together and go to various places; on August we are going to Yokohama to see the fireworks!

Check our party photos here: https://borderless-tokyo.com/borderphotoViewer


You can also find us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sharehousetokyo?ref=hlViewer



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