Eloise is from France!

Eloise lives in Musashiseki share house, Nerima-

She gave us an interview!

How does she think of the Borderless-tokyo share house and the share house life?

1.About yourself

  I like to discover new things everyday and since I think that relationships are very important i am trying to speak with the more people i can! 

  But  i am also very sadistic so be careful ¬u¬


The picture on the her welcome party and Simon's farewell party. It was the first time for her to cook!

2.What's your dream(goal) in future? What are you doing your best for right now? 

   My dream was already to come in Japan so now i am just enjoying it and trying to have fun everyday smile

3.How did you know Borderless-tokyo?

   By a forum on internet where a guy said it was the best place to stay. It looks like he was right!

4.What is good point of the house? also not good point?

    The good point is definitely the people living here! It s a good atmosphere and you never feel alone.
    The bad point is the cleaning of the house, how i said before... this is nobody's fault, but since we can't make it seriously for one week that     means that until now the house was "half-cleaned" and this is not really hygienic... 

It's taken on the Audrey's Birthday party! We made a crape and had champagne! It's a French style!

5.Any message for people living in Borderless-tokyo and people who will stay some other day!

   I am saying that everydays but i really like this place! this is not only sharing a house, this is sharing a life style  to have      since the beginning of information about the people living here is a great idea and to have lunch with everybody is very  nice and this is a good way to make great souvenirs!


in Musashiseki share house, with Simon for his farewell party