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united kingdom.jpgAlex Li (United Kingdom) - Ikebukuro 1 shared house.
I only stayed in Tokyo for three months, but in that time I went to several events organised by Borderless, and many more organised by various house members from across the network. For example, we had a Halloween party, a trip to a traditional festival, and a number of cosier cooking events. I met lots of nice people from not only Japan, but also China, France, Germany, Korea and Sweden, and we had many funny conversations and experiences. If you’re moving to Japan, living in a Borderless sharehouse is a great way to make friends outside of school or work.
france.jpgPierrick (France) - Shinnakano shared house.
I spent almost five months in Shin-Nakano house during summer 2011. It was actually the first time for me to stay abroad on my own for such a long time and I was quite anxious about wether it would be ok or not. But on the first day, while I was feeling a bit homesick, I met all my new sharemates and they were so welcoming that they made me forget all my troubles. Afterwards, I went to several borderless parties, and getting to meet people from so many countries really was an awesome experience. Of course I didn't speak any japanese - and by the way I still don't (wich is kinda normal, unless you're korean ^^) - but by sticking together with everyone you get to learn many things and improve your talking abilities really fast. So if there is one thing I regret about Japan and borderless, it is that I couldn't stay any longer.
norway.gifTommy (Norway) - Yamatcho honcho shared house.
I'm Tommy, and I have only been living in Yamatochou for little over two months now.When I first came to Tokyo I was a little scared because Tokyo is so different from anything I've ever seen. But thanks to lovely share mates and new friends I have managed to get comfortable real quick and I am enjoying every day. I am here to study the Japanese language and I wished to live with people who could speak good, correct japanese to help me improve, and it has worked out great. To put it lightly, I am looking forward to my 10 remaining months here. And I wish it could last longer.
france.jpgSarah (France) - Itabashi honcho shared house.
I came in Japan with a Working Holiday visa and it's been almost 10 months I live in Itabashi Honcho house. First, I must admit I had a bad first impression, the house is a little bit old and rather small. But finally, I enjoyed my stay so much and I would not change of house for any price! My sharemates became like my family, they helped me a lot in the beginning and I know I still can count on them if I'm in trouble. Actually, not only on my sharemates, on all my friends from Borderless-Tokyo too. In 2 months, I have to go back in France and I know I will be really sad to say goodbye to all my friends here.
sweden.jpgSebastian (Sweden) - Itabashi honcho shared house.
My name is Sebastian and I'm from Sweden. I've been living with borderless for about four months now and it's been really amazing. I've meet awesome people and since I'm studying japanese it's very good to so often get to hang with the people from borderless since everyone speaks japanese. If you are not from Japan and want to experience real japanese life and language, then Borderless is the place for you
spain.jpgRoberto (Spain) - Twaramachi shared house.
I've been living in the house for 7 months and I can only say 2 things. The Swedes are crazy and it was the best decision I made before go to Japan. : D
I've done a lot of friends around the world, I've had a great time and I really enjoyed the house, and Japan. I experienced different cultures and food and I enjoyed a lot.
And most importantly, I made a few friends for life even thousands of miles separate us, they will always be there.
Canada.jpg Henry(Canada) - Shinnakano shared house.


canada.jpgBonjour, je m'appelle Henry et je viens de Montréal, Canada. Je suis entré à Borderless Tokyo Sharehouse en 2006 et j'ai habité au Shin-Nakano House pour 5 ans. Depuis ce temps, j'ai eu la chance de rencontrer plusieurs personnes de différents pays et aussi avoir appris beaucoup sur les différentes coutumes.Non seulement c'est super le fun de faire le party avec les collocs, mais il y a aussi plusieurs chances de rencontrer les habitants des autres maisons. L'expérience avec Borderless a été très amusantes et je le recommande à tout ceux qui cherchent une place à vivre à Tokyo.canada.jpg if there is one thing I regret about Japan and borderless, it is that I couldn't stay any longer.
korea.jpgJihye (Korea) - Inaridai shared  house.
I 私は北海道で2年間留学をして、それから就職をし、東京に来たのですが、最初が知り合いもあまりいなくて寂しかったですが、今はボーダレス東京と出会えていつでも助けてもらえる仲間ができたことを心から感謝しています。最所は本町ハウスを希望していて稲荷台ハウスでは一ヶ月の予定だったのですが、すっかりみんなと仲良くなってもう3年間程、同じハウスで住んでいます。家はぼろいけど、たくさんの愛情を注いでいるので、綺麗だし、本当の我が家のように落ちつけます。ボーダレス東京で出会ったみんなは一生の宝物です。ありがとう!!
japan.jpgNori (Japan) - Jujo shared house. 


korea.jpgEunkyoung (Korea) - Inaridai house.


私の日本ワーキングホリデーはボーダレス東京から始まって、ボーダレス東京で終わったとしても過言ではありません。本当に日本に来た一日目からワーホリのビザが切れる最後の日までボーダレスにいましたんで(笑) ワーホリに行く前に日本に知り合いもない、学校にも通わない私はどこで友だちを作ればいいのか心配でした。 そのうち、ボーダレス東京を見つけ、ホームページの体験記や写真を見たらすごく楽しそうでボーダレス東京に入ろうと決めて、 何ヶ月も待ったあげくに入れました。そのように入ったボーダレスは私に一生本当に忘れられない1年を作ってくれました。 たくさんの友だちと楽しい思い出!ボーダレスに入ったのは私の人生の中で最高の選択だったし、運命でした!! 皆さん、東京で暮らすところを探してるんだったら、迷わず、いつも楽しくて暖かいボーダレス東京に来てください~ canada.jpg
japan.jpgMotohiro (Japan) - Inaridai house.


今日のカラオケ&稲荷台パーティーに参加してくれた人?本当にありがとうございました!!メッセージをくれたウンギョンとジョンもありがとう!! 皆からたくさんの励ましを頂けて嬉しいです!年齢も仕事も出身地(出身国)も違うのに、シェアハウスをきっかけに出会って、仲良くなって、笑い合って、 そして見送ってもらって...そんな友達を持てたことが、本当に自分の財産だと思います。改めて、心から感謝しています!ありがとう!また会おう(^-^)/
japan.jpgYuka (Japan) - Itabashi shared house.
ボーダレスに入って早4ヶ月。あっという間に過ぎた気がするのもボーダレスでの生活がとても楽しいから。 ここに入って本当にたくさんの友達ができました!そして、個性あふれる人々との出会い。でも根から良い人&フレンドリーな人ばかりです。^^ 最近毎日のようにみんなと会って、ご飯を食べたり飲んだり、パーティーしたり。人と交流することが好きな人には本当におすすめです!!
It's already been 4 months since I moved in Borderless' house.I feel the time past so quick but it must be because the time here was so fun! I made heaps of friends here and met the people who have original personality.But all of them are so nice and friendly! Recently I've been going out to have dinner and drink and party almost every day! I really recommend Borderless-tokyo to the people who likes meeting a lot of people and becoming a friend with them!:)
sweden.jpgGoran (Sweden) - Itabashi shared house.
It's been almost 4 mounths since I came here, and it's been like an never-ending rollercoaster, in a really good way! I had only been in my borderless Tokyo for about 1 hour until I was already invited to this picnic the day after, where I not only got to see the beautiful park of Yoyogi, but also I met about 20-30 new and interesting people..my 2nd day in Japan! That's just how it is if you decide to be part of the borderless family, constantly getting invited to all these events where EVERYONE is just having a realy good time. Also, as new to Japan (especially if you don't know the language, like in my case) it can be quite confusing getting around and finding what you need, but that's never the case when you share a house with BT people, since they will glad to be able to help you out! I can only say I'm very glad I decided to go for borderless, when I was asked to choose between an apartment and borderless-tokyo shared house! The end! You may adjust something if you think it looks horrible :p but that should do it?